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"Ashley is just the best! A mamma's best friend for sure! Not only does she legitimately know her stuff and is very well educated on infant sleep, but she is such a great support system for you while going through sleep training. It was so helpful to have someone to talk to as I was trying to figure out my daughters sleep schedule. I can’t recommend Ashley enough! I tell all my new mom friends that it’s definitely worth the investment!"
-Allie, Mom to 5 month old, Oklahoma
"When I contacted Ashley, we were struggling with short naps and early wake ups. She helped us find our best times to put baby down, and the best times to feed him, so that he started taking long, restorative naps. That, in turn, helped us to have better sleep at night, and a nice wake time in the morning. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with baby's sleep!"
-Geri, Mom to 9 month old, Louisiana 
"Ashley has been so great to work with in getting our baby to sleep. She is extremely supportive and has a wealth of knowledge and ideas. We couldn't have done it without her. I highly recommend!"
-Ashley, Mom to 5 month old, Utah
"Ashley has been great! She has been so helpful getting our daughter to sleep. She is full of ideas and information. We are so happy to have a sleeping baby :)"
Kari-Mom to 9 month old, Arizona
"Ashley has helped me A LOT over the last few months. Without her help and guidance I wouldn’t be where I am today with my daughter. I live in Australia and she is in America ans that doesn’t stop her from helping me. Thanks Ashley for all your help. Your amazing!"
-Gemma, Mom to 6 month old, Australia 
"Ashley has been great helping us sleep train my daughter at 9 months old! She was a horrible sleeper and Ashley was able to give a lot of advice and suggestions we hadn't thought of that truly helped! Within just a couple of weeks my daughter was sleeping through the night!!! We are very very thankful!!"
-The Eastmans
"Ashley is very quick to answer when you have a question or problem. Not only will she give you all the pertinent info, but she will go out of her way to find extras (video, etc). Thanks to her we know that there is hope."
-Sophie, Mom to 2 month old, Canada
"Ashley is THE BABY WHISPERER!!! Not only is she a true professional for infant sleep, she helped catch so many other issues with my 7 week old that were affecting her sleep. Ashley was always available and responds quickly. She really cares about the whole family dynamic. She absolutely saved our household. I’ve recommended her to every person I know with children. I told her that every parent deserves the gift of Ashley Scott!! Best part is her methods are very mild and we saw quick results. I can’t say enough about her!"
-Sophia, Mom to 3 month old, Virginia
"I couldn’t be more thankful for finding Ashley. My 3 month old wouldn’t sleep anywhere but being held and I was falling apart. He now sleeps only in his crib and can put himself to sleep. Ashley always made herself available and went above and beyond."
-Jordan, Mom to 3 month old, South Carolina
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